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Revisit the epic battles of Shogun: Total War with Shogun: Total War Warlord Edition. Once again take command of thousands of warriors with unique AI and fighting characteristics. A new enemy threatens feudal Japan; Kublai Khan and his Mongol horde. Play as either a Daimyo (clan leader) or as Kublai and determine the fate of Japan. Engage the enemy in large-scale battles, making use new units, region upgrades, buildings and of course more of Sun Tzu's teachings!


  • Command Thousands of Troops - Engage in real time battles with thousands of Samurai Warriors.
  • Master the Art of War - Master the skills of diplomacy, economics, subterfuge, battlefield tactics and strategic warfare.
  • Engage in Online Warfare - Clash with other warlords over the internet.
  • Expanded Content - Four new campaigns and eight historic battles; new units, buildings region upgrades and terrain types; Map and Scenario Editors.

Hardware Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

<li type="square">Pentium II 266
<li type="square">Windows 95/98/ME/XP
<li type="square">4 Speed CD-ROM
<li type="square">64MB RAM
<li type="square">4MB DirectX 8.0 compatible
<li type="square">3D Graphics Card
<li type="square">Mouse and Keyboard

Editor's Note:

The Warlord Edition includes both "Shogun: Total War" and its expansion, "The Mongol Invasion".

Added on: December 19, 2000

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coolness itself

Feudal Japan resurrects itself in Shogun: Total War Warlord Edition for the PC, which has shipped to retail outlets... posted Aug 16, 01 1:25am

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