Tomb Raider is the next installment in the Lara Croft franchise.

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2013's year of gaming is coming to a close and that means Neoseeker is deep in deliberation... posted Jan 06, 14 6:40pm

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Looks like the 2013 Tomb Raider reboot may be heading to Xbox One and PS4. A product listing on... posted Nov 18, 13 4:50pm

Bad news for Crystal Dynamics, developer of the Tomb Raider series, as 12 positions have been... posted Aug 12, 13 3:56pm

Did we mention how releasing Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition in packaged retail format seriously... posted Aug 12, 13 11:32am

Square Enix of America CEO Phil Rogers has released an open letter, perhaps in response to... posted Aug 01, 13 10:53am

Hot new titles are shaking up the software sales charts across the pond in the UK, and they don't get hotter than... posted Jun 17, 13 10:58am

The games industry didn't manage to pick up the slack last month, as the NPD Group reports that overall sales... posted Apr 23, 13 5:09pm

For those of you actively playing the Tomb Raider multiplayer, new content has been released today. What sort?... posted Apr 02, 13 4:56pm

If you were hoping for some Tomb Raider DLC that returns to the single-player, prepare to be disappointed.... posted Mar 20, 13 2:33pm


It's become rather conventional for today's games to open with a roller coaster of CG...

Update (3/16): NVIDIA released a new beta driver earlier tuned just for Tomb Raider. The new driver is labeled... posted Mar 11, 13 2:39pm

The day after Tomb Raider is released, we're hearing about the game's first DLC, due out in a couple weeks. Not... posted Mar 06, 13 11:01am

Tomb Raider has been out for less than a day, and already we're hearing word of a movie adaptation in its early... posted Mar 05, 13 3:10pm

Haven't loved a game this much in a LONG time. TombRaider X360

Tomb Raider is about a week away, and Square Enix has released launch trailer to remind us not to forget. Dubbed... posted Feb 27, 13 2:29pm

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