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Time Machine is based on HG Wells book of the same name. In the game you find yourself propelledd 800,000 years into the future, and then your time machine vanishes. Your quest is to find a mythical creature that can alter the fabric of time.


  • Keyboard controls allow for precise movement of the hero.
  • Real time 3D animation in stunning pre-rendered sets using the new Warp technology.
  • Artificial Intelligence gives each character unique quality, governing the characters' behavior and introduces a sense of life and random direction of the game.
  • The hero of the game changes ages as he travels through the time storms influencing the scenarios, interactions with other characters and the gameplay.
  • An intriguing story that will capture the imagination
  • Engaging original music
  • Hours and hours of challenging game play

Hardware Requirements

Windows® 98/95
Pentium® II 233 MHz
8x Speed CD-ROM
2 MB DirectX® Compatible Video Card
DirectX® Compatible Sound Card
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