Garrett returns in this modern reboot of a stealth classic. Thief marks the long-awaited comeback for the master thief, from the creative minds at Eidos Montreal, in this unique "first-person stealther." Armed with skill and tools of the trade, Garrett is poised to pick clean the entire City, but when a heist goes horribly wrong, this master among thieves finds himself embroiled in a sinister conspiracy that threatens his home.

Thief is all about the perfect heist, challenging players to overcome whatever obstacles might stand in Garrett's path. While the game is designed to accommodate various play styles, there is a clear emphasis on stealth, where the player is typically encouraged to avoid direct confrontations and seek out more subtle methods of overcoming obstacles; do as Garrett would.

While Garrett is clearly a very talented thief, he has at his disposal a number of valuable tools that give him an advantage, such as his lockpicks and a climbing tool (which can double as a club) called "The Claw." His skill with a bow also opens up a unique means of traversing the open world, as well as engaging enemies, thanks to the versatile array of arrows he carries.

Garrett's Focus is another integral aspect in Thief's gameplay, utilizing the strange energy that he becomes imbued with after that fateful night and the failed heist. Focus essentially amplifies the thief's existing skills, letting him move from place to place at even greater speeds, while making enemies and other targets easier to pinpoint. Much like his weapons and tools, his Focus can be upgraded throughout the game.

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