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On the streets and rooftops of a darkened city, where the forces of a corrupt sheriff loom, it takes someone with a soft touch and even softer step to stay ahead of the law. For a master thief like Garrett, the choices are clear: profit or perish. Thief II: The Metal Age expands on the smash-hit "first-person sneaker", Thief: The Dark Project, demanding a whole new level of stealth, strategy, and skill to survive.


  • Advanced AI system creates a variety of opponents to outwit.
  • Enhanced Dark Engine creates a more engaging stealth experience.
  • Follow an involving story line, with intriguing subplots, through 15 huge missions.
  • Sophisticated new master thief tools including potions of slowfall and invisibility, vine arrows, and a remote camera.
  • Realistic environmental weather effects like fog, rain, and snow.

Hardware Requirements

266 MHz Pentium II or equivalent
Windows 95/98
DirectX 7.0 compliant 3D accelerated video card
DirectX 7.0 compliant sound card
DirectX 7.0 or higher (included)
4X CD-ROM Drive
250MB uncompressed hard drive space
Keyboard and Mouse

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[image1 width=115 float=right] Designer in part of many classic series' such as Thief, Deus Ex, Ultima, and... posted Mar 16, 11 5:21pm


Yeah !!!! Thief 2 is a bomb, this game rock !!!! The gameplay is very good and...


I had the demo for thief one for ages and always thought that I would hate it. One...


this game kicks butt


I bought this game on a whim after reading some of the reviews and finding out it had...

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