The Sims Websites

Sep 19, 2003 By: pilgrim
One of the best websites for downloading objects and furniture.
Feb 17, 2003 By: rampton2000
I just thought I'd let y'all know a little bit about us. We are: Claire ( that's me) and Nay ( my Sister.) We offer basically everything for the Sims except programs. We've got a huge strategy guide for all you new starters, loads of skins, walls, floors, roofs and objects. We also accept requests (within reason) and if you've got any general problems with your game, drop us a line and we'll help out if we can. And finally, we've got our Disney store, which offers a little bit of everything but with a Disney theme. Feel free to drop by any time and drop us a line or put a message in our guest book.
Sep 19, 2003 By: pilgrim
A very vast majority of downloads. Wide ranges of varied materials.
Jun 26, 2000
Website based on game The Sims with data charts, previews, guides, forums, and downloads for skins, homes and furniture.
Sep 19, 2003 By: pilgrim
Well, what does it say, roman, meaning roman downloads. Simple.
Oct 09, 2002 By: sim_majic
We have objects, walls, floors, houses, skins, and more for your sims.
Sep 24, 2003 By: pilgrim
A great website for skins.
Aug 30, 2002 By: Key zer
A website devoted to skins, objects and programs for the Sims. Please note you may need certain expansion packs...
Mar 20, 2005 By: jespomo
Oct 11, 2004 By: Rach227
If you would like to chat about the sims or just make new friends this is the place to go. It's a site for all ages.
Sep 19, 2003 By: pilgrim
One of the greatest websites around for quality downloads.