Lukas' The White Chamber Review

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Insanity Prevails Feb 1, 12
I like the casual informal tone of your reviews, like we're discussing the game over a drink or something like that. The comparisons help to paint a lovely picture to those familiar with the games you're bringing up (and people should be).

I can see a lot of the details of the game have been laid out well, breaking down each element and explaining how it fares. The breakdown summary at the end is a nice touch as well.

To pick on a few things though. A few details weren't mentioned that I personally thought relatively important, such as the camera in rooms that were bigger than one screen. Also the multiple endings in the game, which you only briefly mentioned in the summary. You did bring up the karma system in the detailed comments but you didn't really explain what the point of it was so the two could seem to be unconnected. Also the death endings, unless you missed them on your playthrough.

Some images would also be nice to break up the text too.