Gryzor's The White Chamber Review

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Insanity Prevails Feb 1, 12
The review has an informal tone to it, like listening to a gamer in a casual setting. I can imagine having the game verbally explained in this manner so that's great.

I like how various different aspects of the game have been tackled well as we go through the review. Nice to see some examples of things like the kinds of puzzles requiring some strange logic. Additionally some comparisons help to build the descriptions in the reader's mind too.

So on to picking out faults. I felt that the intro seemed a bit back and forth between introducing the game and just generally going into discussing the horror genre in general instead of building the horror genre discussion around introducing the game. I'm not sure if that makes sense though but it's the kind of impression I got.

There's also a couple oddities with spelling/grammar that stuck out for me. "(or try to if she can't actually it)". "and - yeah, the controls are pretty simple". Nothing major but thought I'd point them out.

Also some images to break up the wording would be nice too.