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She wakes up to find herself in a coffin aboard a space station with no memory of who she is or why she is there. Exploring the place yields only more questions. Why is the place deserted? Why are there blood stains encrusted on the surfaces? Why do things seem familiar to her? Everything seems to lead to the mysterious "white chamber", but something is not right with this place.

Game Play

the white chamber is a point and click adventure game, where players guide the player character around the space station in an attempt to find an escape route. The mouse controls everything, with being able to examine (eye icon) and interact (hand icon) with many elements. She will also be able to collect various items that will be used to learn more about the secrets held within or to solve puzzles that will allow her to progress.


  • Multiple endings, several of which based on Sarah's karma score
  • A variety of rooms that keep changing as the game progresses
  • Classic point and click gameplay; interact and examine to progress

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