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This is the next title from a series of pre-school education for the youngest children. This programme has been developed in accordance with the didactic guidelines of pre-school education. It includes seven interesting games, which are helpful in the course of the pre-school education, stimulate mental development and creative thinking.


  • A train – the favourite game of all nursery school pupils. In this game one has to help the engine driver to pick up all the passengers and take them to the terminus. It's hours of fun for every child and father!
  • Disappearing toys – Where is the teddy bear? Is it the same doll or a different one? Was the robot here? An excellent game to exercise memory and perceptiveness. Rising difficulty levels and a lot of funny animations.
  • Memo – this is a well-known game in which one has to match elements in pairs. In our programme we have added animated boards and talking memo cards! Great fun for two players!
  • Blocks – Each and every child likes to play with them. Unfortunately, real blocks cannot move...Reksio's Blocks can! Build a ship, an ambulance, a crocodile and you will see what happens...
  • Happy Shooting Range – In this game the one who breaks the best score of the shooting range is the winner! It's a dynamic dexterity game both for younger and older children.
  • Jigsaw Puzzles – Excellent fun for those who like playing with jigsaws. In Reksio's incredible Nursery School the jigsaw pieces move and the characters perform various funny tricks...
  • Talking Colouring Books – Colour in and print pictures of Reksio's adventures. Watch the colours - nobody likes to have their head coloured in green. Reksio will surely take note of this.

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