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The Lost Crown: is a scary, and thrilling, new adventure title inspired by classic ghoststories and today's modern ghosthunting techniques. The haunting works of Charles Dickens, M.R.James, Arthur Conan Doyle and E.F.Benson combine with night-vision cameras, E.V.P and other ghosthunting gadgets to bring a frightening story to gamers in Autumn 2006. Travel with Nigel Danvers, to an eerie seaside town on England's east coast. Learn to use advanced techniques used by real paranormal investigators, and uncover an ancient mystery, and treasure. But beware, not all of the town?s residents will help in your mission, whether they are alive or dead. Murder, mystery and suspense await brave gamers in the New Year.


  • Point and click interface featuring both 1st and 3rd person perspective. * Hunt ghosts in realtime. ? 30+ hours of gameplay, and ghosthunting. * A cast of virtual actors to share your experience. * A stretch of England?s eerie coast is brought vividly to life. * Explore your surroundings by both day and night. * Realistic and integrated puzzles to solve. * Various end games, depending on your choice, and desire. * A scary, and surprising, story by Jonathan Boakes. * A chilling soundtrack, specially created for the title.

Hardware Requirements

    <li type="square">DirectX9.0C
    <li type="square">OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows XP(SP2) or Vista.
    <li type="square">GRAPHICS CARD & MONITOR: 128 MB DirectX® 9 Compatible 3D accelerated video card, supporting 32bit (true color) color depth at 1024x768.
    <li type="square">CPU: Pentium(R) 2 or equivalent. (Pentium(R) 4 or equivalent Recommended.)
    <li type="square">CD/DVD-ROM: 16x
    <li type="square">RAM: 512 MB RAM. (1 GB RAM Recommended.)
    <li type="square">Disk Space: 1.2 gigabytes
    <li type="square">Sound: 16-bit DirectX® Compatible
    <li type="square">Input: Mouse and Speakers

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