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You take control of a don seeking to take control of three areas, New York,Cuba & Miami Florida but it won't be easy as you are not the only one wanting it all. It takes place after the first video game you'll see things that you have seen in the movie but a whole new story has been made for the game with original voices again.


You start off as a small Don with a small gang trying to work your way up by extortion, racketeering, blackmail and many more. It's an open world game with lots to do and lots of money to be made. The more power you get the better your gang gets but power isn't that easy as before.
Sep 23, 10 8:19am
Brutal executions, massive explosions, and peforming hits on members of rival mafia. All these things and more sum up The Godfather II TheGodfather2 PS3
May 27, 09 11:20pm
right now i am in the process of trying to enter the magnolia (sp) compound but i cant get the gate down can u help me? TheGodfather2 PC
Apr 20, 09 5:31pm
Fantastic! TheGodfather2 PS3
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6.2 / 10