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As our story begins, young Geron works as a trapper and has a lot of trouble on his hands. Flocks of crows act strangely. Aggressive and fearless they even attack humans. Some people even believe that the crows bring nightmares to the citizens of Andergast. When some of the once celebrated heroes, who had executed the Seer, are found dead and with eyes picked out rumors spread throughout the city. Many believe that the ghost of the Seer has finally returned to take revenge. And of course many believe Geron to be the reason for these dark signs. After all he was said to bring bad luck and disaster to Andergast.

As the king searches for a trapper for an important quest, Geron takes his chance to clear his name once and for all. And so Geron gets entangled into a story that will prove to be of greater importance than he could ever have expected.

Game Play

Point and click adventure.


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