: : : : : The Bard: Saviors of Queens


This game is an ultimate answer towards all the players that always wanted easy, short and fun adventure. There's no violence, no complex storyline and definitely no morality. It's a really short game (no more than 2 hours of gameplay with autoplay feature on the easiest difficulty setting) that will not burden you with anything gameplay-related.

Let desire, wine and music guide you!

Game Play


Hardware Info

Minimum requirements:
OS: Any one will do
CPU: Intel integrated with extra terahertz
Memory: A stick or two
Hard Drive Space: A few megabits should do it
Graphics Hardware: Nvidiati 260990 4 gbZ
DirectX: All versions supported for maximum scalability
Network: Permanent connection required for single player gameplay

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CD Projekt are finishing up work on their forthcoming RPG The Witcher 2, based on their new homeade RED engine.... posted Apr 01, 11 10:34am

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