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Zoom through crowded cities with opponents and the law on your tail. Test Drive for PC has more than 20 licensed exotic and muscle cars, 4 detailed real-world cities with interactive environments, and 2-player racing action.


Along with a unique range of cars, TD overdrive also features 4 real-world locations including London and San Francisco. These have been recreated with painstaking detail to be actual living, breathing cities. Traffic will react as it does in reality with vehicles stopping at traffic lights and crossing at intersections. Pedestrians will jump out of the way to avoid being hit. Roadside objects can be collided with and destroyed, all of these features adding to the depth and immersion of a game that is the ultimate test of man and machine.


  • 20 of the hottest licensed exotic sports cars and all-American muscle cars

  • 4 stunningly realistic and highly-detailed real-world cities

  • Fully interactive environments cross-traffic, reactive pedestrians, gravity-defying jumps, smashable street-side objects

  • Realistic physics model tuned for a fun and exciting racing experience

  • New interactive and immersive back story for a tight and compelling game

  • Challenging driving modes and special events

  • Real licensed music on the new Test Drive radio

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Apr 26, 09 3:31am
i dont like driving games but this was fun TestDrive PS2
Jan 22, 05 9:01am
added a cheat
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