TERA is the localization of a Korean MMO by developer En Masse Entertainment, a game originally released in Asia in 2011. TEAR was originally released in all territories as a pay-to-play, subscription-based MMO, but has since been transformed into a free-to-play title after sales and subscription rates began to taper off.

TERA takes on the structure of the rather generic theme park MMO, with questing designed for solo players up through the maximum experience level achievable. Interspersed throughout the leveling are group dungeons, as well as a few more difficult quests designed for parties. Then the end game also follows the standard formula of more difficult group progress with both PvE and PvP options.

Beyond the rather standard structure, TERA relies heavily on its inspired combat system. Where most MMOs have combat systems designed with tab targeting in mind, TERA's combat is entirely action based. That is, all abilities must be aimed and landed, as opposed to simply clicked. This creates a much more dynamic, movement-focused combat system that earned TERA much favor with MMO players bored of more static combat.

The other prominent feature of TERA was it's heavily stylized characters, which drew some controversy with western audiences. The selection of fantasy races included one of only small, scantily clad women with animal ears and tails. One could describe them as child-like, which could be in part why their armor was made more conservative in the western release. The other races of TERA are also sexualized to a degree, with most showing a generous amount of skin even in heavy armor. http://www.tera-online.com/
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