Technomage Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 4.3/10

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Technomage Reviews

website score publish date
Gamespot UK 6.0/10 Jul 02 '01
PC Zone 25% Sep 16 '01
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Technomage Previews

website publish date
Actiontrip Jun 07 '00
Gamespot UK Jan 24 '01
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Actiontrip on Jun 07 '00

"Mixing different genres and using only the best from each of them could lead to a not over inventive masterpiece. Our final judgment still has to wait a couple of months to see how much of what has..."

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Gamespot UK on Jan 24 '01

"...TechnoMage is shaping up to becoming a worthy addition to anyone's roleplaying/adventure collection."

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Gamespot UK on Jul 03 '01

"Technomage isn't a bad game, it just hasn't got enough to offer in the one department that's the most important - the quests."

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