Test Drive Off-Road 3 Pro Reviews

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Test Drive Off-Road 3 Reviews

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Adrenaline Vault 1.5/5 Dec 28 '99
Computer Games Online 2/5 Nov 12 '99
Game Unit 2.5/5 Nov 27 '99
GameOver.netTest Drive Off-Road 3 Trainer Download  --- Nov 27 '99
GamesDomain  --- Feb 14 '00
Gamesmania 5/10 Feb 18 '00
Glide Underground 2/5 Nov 07 '99
IGN PC 7.3/10 Dec 20 '99
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Test Drive Off-Road 3 Previews

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Quoted from Test Drive Off-Road 3 Reviews:
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"While I have learned through painful experience to expect less from off-road titles than conventional racing offerings, there is no concealing that Test Drive Off-Road 3 is a major disappointment. The dated graphics are the low point, but its other features are not much better. While I can conceive of someone enjoying the realistic types of vehicles and settings involved, I think this would be the exception rather than the rule. The Test Drive Off-Road series faces a really rugged ride if it is ever going to make it to the top of the heap."
"The best thing you can say about Test Drive Off Road 3 is that it's better than its predecessors. But that's really faint praise, because the other two were really dreadful exercises in going through the motions. While this game isn't nearly as bad, and certainly shows improvement in several key areas, it's still a woefully underdeveloped product."
"We've seen this a million times before *Yawn*"
"One might think that force feedback would be de rigueur by now, but not here, not now. Also missing is a save game feature (unbelievable!), the ability to customize your driving controls, screen resolution changes, and multiplayer options. This game lacks it all."
"To be brutally honest, if Infogrames could somehow magically travel back in time to 1997 and release this installment as the first in the Off-Road series, it still wouldn't be a good game."