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TalesRunner is an action racing game. When you log in, you enter the main lobby where you can choose a room for racing. There are races for 8 up to 30 players! One is the host of the room and he/she chooses where to start. Then it's all about action!


Controls are very simple, jump, dash, run and thats all. Of course, there are lots of obtacules around the road.


It's not only running, swim, ski, jump, everything! Lots of fairytales included in races! Example: Jack and the beanstalk.
Huge races! Up to 30 players and relay races!
Also there is a town where you can buy items with money earned in races to helping you run faster! Also meet your friends and race together1

Hardware Requirements

Systems Requirements
1. Direct X 9.0 or better required
2. Recommended Graphic Driver should be Installed
CPU Pentium-III 800MHz
VGA 128 MB 3D accelerator VGA card
RAM 512 MB

CPU Pentium-IV 2.0GHz
VGA 128 MB 3D accelerator
RAM 1024 MB

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