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Average Review Score: 7.7/10

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Tabula Rasa Reviews

website score publish date article quality
EuroGamer 8/10 Nov 15 '07
GameDaily 8/10 Oct 31 '07
Game Chronicles Magazine 8.0/10 Dec 14 '07
GamePro 3.5/5 Dec 13 '07
GameSpot 7.5/10 Dec 03 '07
Gamespy 4/5 Nov 09 '07
IGN PC 7.5/10 Nov 20 '07
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Tabula Rasa Previews

website publish date article rating Jul 11 '05
GameZone May 19 '05 Sep 24 '06
The Armchair Empire Aug 27 '05
Worthplaying May 27 '05
Gamespy May 06 '04
IGN PC May 13 '04
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Quoted from Tabula Rasa Reviews:
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"Richard Garriott's newest online creation has its problems, but it's still a good amount of fun."
"The Tabula Rasa team now believes that they've taken another blank canvas and taken the genre they helped create to the next level. Whether that's true, of course, remains to be seen."
" players gain in level, they'll have the opportunity to "save" their character in time. So if a player wished they had gone in a different direction, they'll be able to go back in time and use that saved character to try a different path. There will only be a few of these saves, but they can be overwritten and these new characters can be moved to one of the character slots. These characters can then be freely switched between."
"Tabula Rasa probably isn’t the best MMO to cut your teeth on, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad game. It’s rather frustrating by yourself, though, unless you’re the Rambo type who wants to grind until they can solo instances meant for a full squad. Even just traveling around the worlds can be perilous alone, so it’d be better to go in with some friends on board from the get-go, if you can. While not a completely revolutionary game, Tabula Rasa does add features such as the cloning system and dynamic battlefield that perhaps start building the bridge to that next evolution of MMO. The original sci-fi story also helps distinguish it from others of the genre, but rather than obliterating the old dirt road and starting entirely from scratch, Tabula Rasa takes what has been laid out and travels a little further."