2072, onboard Trioptimum Corp's vast Citadel space-station. You awake from a six-month healing coma, to discover that most of the other occupants of the station are dead...or worse. The station's self-sufficient AI, SHODAN has assumed total control, and seems hell-bent on destroying all human life. TriOptimum view YOU as Citadel's last hope. Can you save yourself and smash SHODAN's evil plans? Luckily, you're a hacker, with a rare neural cybernetic implant. Good'll definitely need it.

Hardware Requirements

Minimum PC Requirements:

486DX/33 (4MB RAM)
486DX2/50 for VGA (8MB RAM)
486DX2/66 for SVGA and full speech (8MB RAM)
20MB hard drive space
DOS CD-ROM Extensions version 2.1 or higher
Microsoft or 100% compatible mouse
Windows 3.1 for on-CD documentation
Joystick, mouse, keyboard or Logitech Cyberman
256-color VGA (320x200) (4MB RAM)
256-color VGA (320x200, 320x400) (4MB RAM)
256-color SVGA (640x400, 640x480) (8MB RAM)
Music (optional): Ad Lib, Sound Blaster (Pro/AWE32), Ensoniq Soundscape
Sound Effects (optional): Roland RAP-10, Sound Blaster (Pro/16/AWE32), Ensoniq Soundscape

Official URL

Official Site
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