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Created by legendary RPG designer D.W. Bradley, the mastermind behind Wizardry V, VI and VII, Wizards and Warriors pits the player against an evil Pharaoh come back from the exile that is death. Only a sword of legend, known as the Maven Sword, can stop his evil. 10 races, 15 classes and full 3D gameplay using Heuristic Park's own proprietary engine are just a few of the features this game has to offer.

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Nov 09, 01 11:07pm

Combats can sometimes be harder than first thought, when you first see a Creeping...

Apr 12, 01 7:09pm

i have an AMD K6-2 500 mhz with VooDoo5 5500 AGP card 128mb ram. i also installed the...

Feb 09, 01 9:57am

Could never leave the first city. Crashed everytime. Patch did not help. Not worth...

Feb 07, 01 1:04pm

Wizards and Warriors is a fascinating game. It has very easy to use options to create...

Nov 23, 00 12:14am

This RPG really puts you into its world. So many things you can do as you where...

Oct 17, 00 8:21pm

This game was clearly rushed out to us so we all could beta-test it!! I've not seen...

Looks like Wizards and Warriors for the PC platform (not to be mistaken for the Wizards and Warriors series... posted Oct 05, 00 6:47pm

Activision has announced the completion of Wizards and Warriors, the fantasy RPG title developed by Georgia-based... posted Sep 15, 00 1:32am

Heuristic Park presents Wizards and Warriors, to be released this fall. In the meantime, we'll just have to keep our... posted Jun 07, 00 2:41am

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