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Swarm Assault is a highly addicting real time strategy PC game which allows you to control huge swarms of ants, beetles, spiders, wasps, and scorpions in order to take control of the land.


Looking down on the landscape, you see hordes of all sorts of bugs, and their nests. Bugs can come equipped with all sorts of weapons, like missile launchers, machine guns, cannons, bombs, spears, energy waves, and more. Select and group certain bugs and send towards other bugs or an enemy base. But what happens when you run out of bugs? If you have a nest, you an produce a certain kind of bug, and each nest has a selection of three different sub types.


-Four fun terrains
-100 levels
-5 types of bugs, with 3 subtypes each
-Level creator for custom battles

Hardware Requirements

Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP/Vista
DirectX 8 or higher
Pentium 133 processor or compatible (Pentium 200 recommended)
16 MB RAM (32 MB recommended)
26 MB disk space, 640 x 480 screen resolution
256 color mode
2 MB of video memory.

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Good real-time strategy. Graphics are not great but gameplay is good. Control a bunch of cool types of bugs (with unique weapons!) and... SwarmAssault PC
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