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Supreme Commander 2 is a game that is compared both favourably and unfavourably to its...

Finished! The hardest level is actually 2/3 of the way through, not the final level! Decent hint to a third title in the series at the end. SupremeCommander2 PC
Dark Arcanine played Supreme Commander 2
Going to test out online multiplayer soon. The voice acting is so bad... one girl has a hilariously designed chest though. SupremeCommander2 PC
AI paths are sadly fixed and highly predictable - still has difficulty to it, though. Decent race differences. SupremeCommander2 PC
Original impressions are fairly positive: looks okay (not as good as I thought it would though); interesting technology trees. SupremeCommander2 PC

Another "monster update" has been released for Supreme Commander 2, bringing the game all the way up to version... posted Aug 31, 10 9:55pm

Supreme Commander 2 got two more gameplay vids today going over the new Experimental Units.  Added to the list of... posted Feb 25, 10 9:59pm

[image2 link=yes width=345 height=254] A sequel to one of the arguably better RTS games of the last 5 years,... posted Nov 19, 09 10:02pm

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