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From the creator of Total Anniahlation comes Supreme Commander. Set
in the future, Humans have discovered Quantom-Gate technology. This
was supposed to lead to a golden age of humanity, but soon the more
basic human instincts began to kick in and war erupted between
three factions. The Aeon Illuminate, who are the human disciples of
a peaceful alien race that became extinct by the actions of humans,
seek to purify the galaxy of all who do not believe in "The Way".
The Aeon units are sleek and futuristic. United Earth Federation
(UEF) represent the interests of an Earth-based government. The UEF
developed from the ashes of the Earth Empire, and now seeks to
reunite humanity and restore Earth's control over the galaxy. Their
units represent more modern tactics of war. Their acceptance of a
variant of slavery and ideology of forced unity lends a darker side
to the faction. The Cybrans are composed of Symbionts(humans whose
brains have been computerized and enhanced with technology). They
fight for the liberation of their fellow Cybran from the oppressive
United Earth Federation. The Cybran Nation is led by the
brilliant-yet-eccentric Dr. Brackman, the chief designer of the
cybernetic technology behind the Cybrans, as well as a father
figure to them their units are bug-like.

Hardware Requirements

<li type="square">Microsoft Windows XP SP 2/Vista
<li type="square">1.8GHz processor
<li type="square">512Mb RAM
<li type="square">8GB available hard drive space
<li type="square">128MB video RAM with DirectX 9 Vertex shader/Pixel Shader 2.0 support
<li type="square">Sound card, Speakers or Headphones
<li type="square">56.6kbps Internet connection cable

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Supreme commander, one of the most anticipated RTS games this year. It introduces...

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