Super Meat Boy Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 9.3/10

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Super Meat Boy Reviews

website score publish date
Gamespot 9.5/10 Oct 20 '10
Gaming Excellence 9.5/10 Oct 25 '10
IGN PC 9.0/10 Dec 01 '10
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Super Meat Boy Previews

website publish date
Destructoid Dec 09 '09
IGN PC Nov 12 '10
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Destructoid on Dec 14 '10

"Super Meat Boy is already a success story. Thousands of free games hit Newgrounds every year, and for Meat Boy to rise above them all to be super-remade into a WiiWare/PC retail product is an ach..."

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Gamespot on Dec 17 '10

"This sublime platformer provides tons of challenge, precise controls, and incredible level design that will keep you glued to the screen."

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Gaming Excellence on Dec 03 '10

"Ruthlessly hard? Check. Incredibly awesome? Oh yes."

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IGN PC on Dec 04 '10

"- Super Meat Boy is a tough-as-nails platformer where you play as an animated cu..."

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IGN PC on Dec 04 '10

"That other guy f**king landed on top of me."

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