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Average Review Score: 8.0/10

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Summoner Reviews

website score publish date
Neoseeker 88% Jul 13 '01
Actiontrip 80% Apr 04 '01
Computer Games Online 3.5/5 Apr 25 '01
ESCMag 9/10 Apr 12 '01
Game Power Australia 2.5/4 Apr 16 '01
Games Radar UK  --- Apr 11 '01
Gamespot 7.6/10 Apr 05 '01
Gamespy 82/100 Apr 15 '01
Happy Puppy 8/10 Apr 20 '01
IGN PC 7.6/10 Nov 14 '01
IntelGamer 95% May 03 '01
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Summoner Previews

website publish date
Actiontrip Feb 15 '01
IGN PC Oct 08 '99
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Actiontrip on Feb 16 '01

"Next to playing with four different characters, the game will allow you to summon entities that can aid you in battles... The combat system is in real-time... Playing in a cooperative method,..."

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Actiontrip on Apr 06 '01

"Players who enjoy taking part in quests and slashing monsters in a 'Diablo' kinda way have to have this game... beautiful locations, excellent gameplay, and, basically quite a good RPG."

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ESCMag on Apr 17 '01

"Summoner is a rare game that I would happily pay full price for... its nice to see a console RPG that is this good and was not made by Squaresoft."

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IGN PC on Nov 14 '01

" will undoubtedly get better (not buggier) as patches are released, and time goes on, but at this point you'll find yourself with a fun, easy to use, and even easier to crash gaming experience."

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Neoseeker on Jul 18 '01

"Summoner is a great RPG. It is graphically stunning, rich in storyline, offers an entertaining combat system and doles out dozens of quests. It’ll keep a player adventuring for many, many hours."

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