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Nexon will begin publishing and servicing Sudden Attack in North America, Oceania and Europe on November 16. Sudden Attack, one of the world’s largest online shooters, is known for its raw, intense and fast-paced action. Previously operated by GameHi in North America, the service migration to Nexon’s platform will introduce several gameplay improvements, expand the player base to include vast new audiences from around the world and pave the way for exciting new content.

Game Play


  • Fast Multiplayer: Get in, get kills, get out. Just like 30 million other players worldwide.
  • Pure Shooting: With guns designed to feel real and get the job done, all that’s left is you and your skill.
  • Raw Intensity: Streamlined maps with intense choke points force fast action and a high body count.

Most gamers know Nexon through the company's long list of fantasy-based MMOs, from the unbelievably successful... posted Oct 14, 11 4:24pm

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