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Average Review Score: 7.0/10

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Strike Suit Zero Reviews

website score publish date
gamrReview 7.0/10 Mar 11 '13
Game Watcher 6.5/10 Jan 28 '13
Games Radar /10 Jan 22 '13
Gamespot 7.5/10 Jan 24 '13
Gamespy 3.5/5 Jan 22 '13
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Strike Suit Zero Previews

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Games Radar Sep 04 '12
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Game Watcher on Jan 31 '13

"A genre reborn?"

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Games Radar on Jan 25 '13

" Take a trip back to a time when space combat games were all the rage. Does Strike Suit Zero make it a trip worth taking?"

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Gamespot on Jan 28 '13

"Strike Suit Zero's thrilling combat and awe-inspiring world make space combat feel like a relevant genre after years of stagnation."

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gamrReview on Mar 11 '13

"I look forward to more games from Born Ready, and Strike Suit Zero is an easy recommendation for those hurting for more space fighter games."

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