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You are a stunt driver, playing the main roles in 5 unique television programs, each with several unforgiving episodes. No matter where you try to hide, killers, cops, and car bombers are all out to get you. Your roles can range from a mercenary or high-speed racer, to a lowly package delivery boy without a clue, and with the help of various weapons and modifications, it's your job to provide action-packed TV entertainment for the good citizens of Sim City.


Drive anywhere you want: around the road, across a field, into a building, whatever it takes to stay alive. Pull into a gas station for a tuneup, and buy weapons, engines, or other useful gadgets. The control scheme is as simple or as complex as you want it to be with customizable controls, and only a few required buttons. Easy for any beginner to learn, but enough difficulty to last a good while.


-5 different vehicles, including racers, vans, and sports cars.
-Extremely customizable level designer makes the game last as long as you want it to.
-Add your own music to play on the in-game radio, or listen to the 20+ included songs.
-Customize the paint jobs on your car when you grow tired of the 25 preset ones.
-Drive in over 50 free-play levels, or import your SimCity 2000 cities.
-Over 40 purchasable items, including engines, tires, missile launchers, machine guns, and airfoils.
-Customize the controls and camera position, so you can drive from the air or the seat.
-Turn any city into a high-speed race track with the included race track editor.

Hardware Requirements

Made for Windows 95, but also works on 98, XP, and Vista. There may be compatibility issues and sudden crashes though.


hard disk with 35MB free space
quad-speed CD-ROM drive
Microsoft mouse or 100% compatible
SVGA card (with 1MB video RAM) which supports 640 x 480 (256 colors) mode


Direct-X compatible joysticks
race car controller
Internet, modem, LAN play (optional)
Internet play requires Internet connection and modem
LAN play requires IPX/SPX or TCP/IP protocol
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Bad graphics and a lot of glitches (it's an old game) but great driving game. You pretty much deliver packages, blow stuff up, and... StreetsOfSimCity PC
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