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This racing game from Activision features 23 courses set in 10 fully interactive city environments including London and Paris, and 9 licensed supercars. Players will be able to drive state-of-the-art realistic next-generation concept cars that are capable of deformation.


No-limits Street Racing
Race the streets of cities such as London, Paris, Munich, Los Angeles and Rome, to name a few. Careen over sidewalks, crash through windows, and dodge obstacles in your quest to win. Speed through fully interactive cities with multiple routes and short cuts, real-time lighting and weather, realistic landmarks, and authentic sights and sounds.

  • Elite Concept Cars
    Choose from 12 concept cars designed by premier international car makers. Race limited production mega-machines that blur the lines between technology and art- equipped with 500+ horsepower engines, advanced performance features, and never-before-seen super-car options.

  • Concept Car Creator
    Create, customize and race your own dream car. Select your vechiles shape, chassis type, engine size, accessories and paint. Upgrade or downgrade your car's performance with each victory or defeat. Save your prototype to memory, and pit your one-of-a-kind, high-speed machine against a friend.

  • Multiple Modes of Play
    Beat the clock and perfect your racing technique in Arcade mode, or race to win in Championship mode, upgrading your car and unlocking new courses as you progress. Then pump up the adrenaline with head-to-head split-player screen competitions.

  • Ultimate Racing Experience
    Next-generation gameplay for the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system boasts advanced AI, realistic driving physics, high-resolution graphics (60 FPS), amazing handling and real-time car damage that affects performance.

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