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Inspired by the epic battle scene in the movie Episode I, Battle for Naboo has you in the role of a Naboo Leuitenent as you battle the Trade Federation through 16 levels. Vehicles include a stolen Trade Federation gunboat, Gian speeder, the N-1 starfighter, and more.


  • Pilot a number of authentic crafts from the Star Wars universe, including the Naboo Starfighter, and even change crafts mid-mission.
  • Blast away with your primary lasers or unleash the more limited secondary weapons as you engage the enemy in intense dogfights.
  • Tackle the fifteen standard missions, in addition to several bonus missions, as you take on enemy fleets and destroy installations.
  • Head to the combat with allies in tow, eager to offer their assitance both with laser fire and useful comments.
  • Go for gold as you earn medals for your success in the missions to unlock bonus material.

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I was a very big fan on Rouge Squadron on the N64. I beat that game many times. Now...


The vehicle control is awful. Ground vehicles that can't stop? Space ships that...

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