Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 8.0/10

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Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds Reviews

website score publish date Games 4/5 Sep 09 '02
Actiontrip 86% Nov 26 '01
Blue Smoke  --- Dec 03 '01
Electric Playground 84% Dec 17 '01
Game Watcher 7.7/10 Aug 11 '03
Gamepen 4/5 Dec 04 '01
Gamer's Pulse 89/100 Dec 27 '01 79/100 Dec 04 '01
Gamespot 8.2/10 Nov 20 '01
Gamespy 77/100 Dec 13 '01
IGN PC 8.0/10 Nov 19 '01
Legion Hardware  --- Feb 04 '02
Media & Games Online 6.5/10 Dec 12 '01
OC Prices  --- Oct 30 '02
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Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds Previews

website publish date
IGN PC Oct 10 '01
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Actiontrip on Nov 28 '01

"Galactic Battlegrounds is a fun and solid game that despite having dated graphics and a lot of resemblance to an "Age" mod, it finally delivers the RTS Star Wars game that will satisfy the fans who..."

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Blue Smoke on Dec 03 '01

"A game which is an artful blending of two worlds, one of which is the tried-and-true engine and gameplay of Age of Empires II, as well as the storytelling, art, and design of the seasoned Star Wars..."

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Game Watcher on Nov 19 '14

"As you play it you will notice a lot of resemblance with other real time strategy games, especially with Age of Empires II."

Read full review on Dec 05 '01

"Galactic Battlegrounds has the same look and feel as Age of Empires. If you're a Star Wars fan and you enjoy RTS games, then you should have fun with Galactic Battlegrounds--if you can get past the..."

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Gamespot on Nov 21 '01

"On one hand, it's a derivative real-time strategy game. But on the other, it's a tidy little bundle of escapism that's perfect for a generation of gamers raised on Star ..."

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