Star Trek: StarFleet Command Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 8.5/10

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Star Trek: StarFleet Command Reviews

website score publish date article quality
All Game Guide 4.5/5 Mar 04 '06
Adrenaline Vault 4.5/5 Sep 22 '99
Agn3d 9/10 Aug 30 '99
Electric Games 4.5/5 Oct 07 '99
Evil Avatar 4.5/5 Sep 13 '99
GA-Source 87% Sep 18 '99
GameCenter 9/10 Aug 31 '99
Gamefan 86/100 Oct 14 '99
GameForces 4/5 Oct 23 '99
Gamesfirst 5/5 Oct 01 '99
Gamesmania 7.5/10 Sep 22 '99
GameSpot 7.5/10 Aug 31 '99
GameZone 8.6/10 Jul 10 '00
Ingava  --- Sep 15 '99
iPlayGames 79% Oct 17 '99
Next Generation Online  --- Sep 25 '99
PC Arena 4/5 Oct 04 '99
PlayNOW! 7/10 Sep 11 '99
Strategy Gaming Online 9.3/10 Aug 31 '99
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Star Trek: StarFleet Command Previews

website publish date article rating
IGN PC Jul 11 '00
iPlayGames Sep 06 '99
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Quoted from Star Trek: StarFleet Command Reviews:
Check out these quotes from Star Trek: StarFleet Command reviews & previews
"There's little doubt that Starfleet Command is one of the finest Star Trek games ever made, at least in a design sense. I can't say for sure whether this has anything to do with having a fundamentally sound set of wargame-style rules already established by Starfleet Battles, but -- whatever the cause -- the end result is a tactical slugfest that just feels like starship combat between large, non-fighter vessels should. I was a big fan of the whole prestige point system, and got great pleasure out of moments like bringing aboard that legendary helm officer after whom I'd been pining for long periods of time."
"With a strong online community presence already releasing extra missions and ships and gameplay to keep you busy for months this is a must buy game and will be on my hard drive for a long time. Get it." "
"An excellent game that should please any Star Trek fan. The graphics and sound are extremely well done. The choice of groups and campaigns are designed with replayability in mind. Minor gameplay issues exist, as well as some minor to very annoying bugs. Despite these problems, I highly recommend this game."
"Starfleet Command shows all the signs of an excellent game, there are just some things that got left out. Regardless, this title is bound to keep you in for a long time -- exploring the many races, spacecraft, and missions available. Multiplayer just adds more to the re-playability."
"The higher score in the gameplay is due to the existence of the patch, which wasn’t around when I reviewed the game last time. It plays better now. "