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Starcraft: Brood War continues the adventure in the Starcraft as an add-on pack. This package combines new missions, new music, and new units to the Terran, Zerg, and Protoss races.


  • 3 all-new campaigns continue the epic StarCraft story line.

  • New weapons of war, including the Terran Valkyrie and Medic; the Protoss Corsair, Dark Templar, and Dark Archon; and the Zerg Devourer and Lurker.

  • New worlds to explore, from the Dark Templar twilight world to the blasted lands of Korhal

  • 100 new multiplayer maps

  • Expansion pack: requires full version of StarCraft.

Hardware Requirements

IBM PC or compatible with 90 MHz Pentium or higher processor
Windows 95, 98, or NT 4.0
2x CD-ROM drive (4x for cinematics)
DirectX-compatible SVGA video card
Full version of StarCraft

Official URL

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10/10 game! I loved this, granted I only played campaign and UMS back then... StarcraftBroodWar PC

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The expansion was as good as the original. Blizzard you rock. StarcraftBroodWar PC
Never got to play it. Only had the expansion, not the original. StarcraftBroodWar PC
Cross Compatible w/ Mac StarcraftBroodWar PC
A real good expantion set. StarcraftBroodWar PC
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