Starcraft Battle Chest Own / Want List

Username Comments
Turkagent None
Nymosus None
crazedlunaticr None
kcbnac None
Armed Rebel None
chimhazard001 None
Unholy Pyro 50 None
gamerXXXX None
bk imperialdramon pm None
kariont None
nn11x3 None
Storm None
shade279 None
Steelrunner Ah yes the battle chest, I swear I've bought so many of these, because all my friends 'borrow' my copies of this game.
silenceanddarkness None
Joeman None
Khala None
sorasbetterthanroxas None
Overlord76 None
rejectedwolf None
deoxys51 None
T3hG4m3M4st3r None
awesomonewb None
7777777777444 None
w111j None
sanelane None
Chasbene None
JimRaynor64 None
timberhawke None
ZidaneNL None
Rebirth002 None
ShadowPaw The game was awesome and I can't wait 'til i get the second one.
Neoz4x None
SiGn59 None
Thenosis None
Anonymous Reborn None
cloudkills None
endyouall None
Soldierboy308 None
Navku1325 None
Downwind None
Rockmower None
Parasita None
travisj666 None
scream11605 None
TheAmerican42 None
Hulkiebaby None
Alarios None
TskyoTai Starcraft Original and brood war. I have complete both. Back in those days I only played UMS online, Crsh RPG and what-not.
Aethelia None