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The Starcraft Battle Chest includes the original Starcraft and the expansion set, Starcraft: Brood War. Both games include many missions and storylines ranging through the Terran, Zerg, and Protoss races. The Battle Chest also includes guidebooks to help you from mission to mission, and it also explains each unit for every race and what their abilities are.
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Most PC gamers fondly remember the original StarCraft campaign -- strategic but packed with action and... posted Mar 07, 11 4:25pm

Dec 10, 10 6:45am
Starcraft Original and brood war. I have complete both. Back in those days I only played UMS online, Crsh RPG and what-not. StarcraftBattleChest PC
Jul 19, 09 10:36pm
Ah yes the battle chest, I swear I've bought so many of these, because all my friends 'borrow' my copies of this game. StarcraftBattleChest PC
Jun 24, 09 1:44pm
The game was awesome and I can't wait 'til i get the second one. StarcraftBattleChest PC
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Oct 30, 05 12:47pm
added a cheat
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