The time is the distant future. The setting is in an unknown world. You are among the few people that have been stranded here. A Terranian government is very different than what you are used to. The military strength is what the government relies on. The Protross is living right next door to you, your alien neighbors. This is a rich world that you are envious of. Your fuel supplies and natural resources are limited, so you try to capture some needed supplies from there. There is a third race, known as the Zerg, which really not much is known about them. Choose from one of these three races and dominate the opposing forces.

Hardware Requirements

Minimum CPU Type: Pentium Minimum CPU Speed: 90 MHz Minimum RAM Required: 16 MB Minimum Hard Disk Space: 80 MB Graphics Type: SVGA Color Depth: High Color

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Funny strategy. Like it. Good to play in network. Starcraft PC

Most PC gamers fondly remember the original StarCraft campaign -- strategic but packed with action and... posted Mar 07, 11 4:25pm

Good game, didnt really get into it with out the Broodwar expansion though. Starcraft PC

[image1 height=200 float=right]The Department of Psychiatry at South Korea-based Chung Ang University, College of... posted Aug 21, 10 12:02am

I've heard good things about it. Starcraft PC

[image1 link=yes width=345 height=259] Way back in July, a high resolution patch was released for Blizzard's Diablo... posted Oct 05, 09 4:36pm

This game still rocks, even though it's old. I'll play anyone who thinks there good. Starcraft PC

Remember our article last week about a StarCraft course at the prestigious UC Berkeley?  Well, an avid little... posted Feb 02, 09 8:27pm

Wow, it has seriously been *bleep*ing forever since I heard about a Team Fortress 2 update. Sean gave me a heads up today, and I've posted an article about it on the front page. But words cannot express how *bleep*ing stoked I am about this update. Sean knows, but none of you can possibly understand. I *bleep*ing love Team Fortress 2. To me, it's the most perfect *bleep*ing game ever made.

Actually, I haven't played it in a while, though it was one of the first games I installed on my new PC recently. Seriously, if anyone is up for a game or two, let me know. I used to stay up until sunrise with this game, and I pretty much play a Medic exclusively. Sometimes I'll hop on Pyro or Demo, but you'll almost always find me on Medic -- wait, oh shit, I've had that Medic avatar for a long ass time!

HOLY SHIT, GUYS! I could care less about Scouts. To me, they're squishy little assholes who need to be punched in the face with an Über saw to the face. Come closer and let mama teach you a *bleep*ing lesson, little one. *bleep* yeah! Okay, so it usually takes a pretty dumb Scout to run at me head on, and enough times to actually get killed by my saw. Still, the highlight of my TF2 career has to be that one night I was bored enough to guard the intel on my own... resulting in four dead Scouts -- in a row. My team started calling me "Battle Medic."

Good times, good times. I'm not sick in the head or anything, I swear.

Oh, and the title of this entry was supposed to be in all caps, followed by an undisclosed number of exclamation points. When I tried to post, I got the biggest downer of a notice ever:
The following error(s) have occured:

* Please do not use ALL CAPS in your title
* Your title contains too many exclamation marks and/or question marks. Try not to sensationalize your headline with such things as !!!!! or ?!?!?! Instead, use them sparingly
Also, meant to post THIS yesterday when I wrote the damn thing, but UC Berkeley is apparently offering a course on StarCraft. I'm sure it's supposed to be about intelligent exchanges and heated discussions that delve deeper into the game than most players would think to. Still, there's skepticism all around on the subject, and I bet most people who sign up aren't interested in intellectual jargon.

Some one posted this comment:
It's polite to link tip/source =P
... and included a link to the supposed source. Only problem is, I learned about the class and acquired the syllabus through casual conversation with a friend! So actually, I didn't use the said source -- how annoying! I did reply with a comment of my own, shortly before dispatching an pithy email to the guy informing him that the link he provided was, in fact, not my source. I had the urge to be an indignant bitch about it but decided that it wouldn't be worth the energy. Haven't heard back from him, not that I expect to.

And dude, Yahtzee at Zero Punctuation liked Gears of War 2! How insane is that? I thought for sure the guy would hate it, but how wrong was I? Totally proof that Gears of War rocks hard.

Back on the topic of Valve games, I got to feed my recent Left 4 Dead lust by playing a few games with lord monkey and our very own Redemption (mah boss) on two separate occasions. monkey and I discovered just how *bleep*ing stupid the Survivor AI becomes when you add just one more live player into the mix. Helped Red and his friend out by finishing up No Mercy on Advanced, and let me tell you, it was brutal fun. Oh, and Witches scare the crap out of me! The fact that they can down you with one hit isn't the problem; no, it's the flippin' crying and music you hear before you even frickin' see her!

On a less pleasant note, I think I really have come down with something. Coughing fit, excessively tired... should've added another blanket last night when I kept waking up 'cause of how *bleep*ing cold I was. So now it's nappy time for this fangirl.

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There's no questioning the popularity of Blizzard's RTS StarCraft, which has literally seduced entire countries; we... posted Jan 27, 09 11:26pm

Cross Compatible w/ Mac Starcraft PC
I beat this game so many times Starcraft PC
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