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As the sequel to System Shock, you must explore and piece together the clues to discover the truth behind the mysterious ship you are trapped on and how two people at war have both perished.

Hardware Requirements

200Mhz Pentium
32 Megs of RAM
4 MB D3D hardware accelerator
about 250 Megs of hard-drive space
4x CD-ROM.

266Mhz P2
64 Megs of RAM
8 MB D3D hardware accelerator
about 250 Megs of hard-drive space

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[image1 width=115 float=right] Designer in part of many classic series' such as Thief, Deus Ex, Ultima, and... posted Mar 16, 11 5:21pm

Not scary. At all. But it's an ok game. SystemShock2 PC
Would you believe I found this almost 10 years after release, sealed, for 3 bucks? SystemShock2 PC
Rare. Not as rare as the original, but you can't find it. SystemShock2 PC

I love this game. Even though I only played it for a short time, it scared me. Whether...


Start the game.

Pick your abilities, and go into the ship. Fulfill your mission, and...


It has almost made me soul myself more than a few times. What more can I ask for? It's...


Shodan, an artificial intelligence gone mad. Defeated by a master hacker years ago has...

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