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Squadra Corse Alfa Romeo, is a stunning racing simulation which combines both realistic car physics, and vibrant graphics together with classic Role Playing Game elements to become the first 'CARPG' ever developed.

For the first time in a racing game, players must improve their skills as drivers instead of modifying their cars, making the ability to match a set of skills to the different requirements of each competition just as much an important part of winning the race.


For the first time in a racing game, players must improve their skills as drivers instead of modifying their cars, making the ability to match a set of skills to the different requirements of each competition just as much an important part of winning the race.

In addition to choosing their favourite Alfa Romeo, players will be given the opportunity to choose their own race gear which will best improve their performance, as well as tune the levels of each of their different skills which will include: reflexes, hand-eye coordination, and their ability to cope with the stress of racing high speed circuits. Another unique skill is the Tiger Effect, which will give drivers the ability to turn back time and correct any potentially dangerous mistakes.


  • Heart directly influences two values: the Driver Condition and the Intimidation Range of your opponents. In the first instance, by increasing the Heart value you'll receive a larger load of Driver Condition points, thus relying on a larger reserve during intimidation attempts by others. Furthermore, if you attain a high value in this Skill, the opponents will have to get closer to intimidate you, thus running higher risks for their cars (and to their relative classification position).

  • An optimal perception of the racing situation is really priceless, and it for this that you will have to earn it by improving and enhancing the Vision ability, in other words perception as a driver of the driving and racing dynamics. This Skill has a direct influence on the Tiger Effect, since it increases its total value, so as to allow you some small extra error in racing for the lead. The Vision ability also helps you in focussing on the opponent (and on the relative Driver and Car condition) by displaying his status bars from a more advantageous distance, without the need to get too close to the other cars, risking sudden contacts or the loss of the ideal trajectory.

  • Only champions, or drivers with great experience can force the opponent into committing serious errors simply by causing themselves to be seen as "very close" in the respective rear-view mirrors. This Skill reproduces this ability and allows the direct opponent to be "pushed" into making mistakes, when a typical overtaking move is too complicated to conclude. By increasing the points that regulate this skill, you will see a decisive increase in driver points (the green energy bar that is displayed on the opponent's car) that will be taken off the direct competitor; but above all for the distance from which you'll be able to intimidate the opponent. In this way you'll be able to initiate the "intimidating" manoeuvre without being too close to the car ahead, and without incurring the risk of errors or sudden contacts.

  • Handling directly influences two factors: the braking space and the tyre road-holding. The braking space is reduced with every increase of this Skill, allowing you the classical late-braking at the beginning of bends, or to remedy an error at the very last moment without incurring disastrous consequences (or to waste the Tiger Effect). A better tyre road holding goes hand in hand with better braking capabilities, keeping the car body "glued to the track", making high-speed precision manoeuvres easier.

  • With equal cars, two drivers can clock different times thanks to the lesser (or greater) speed in taking the engines to the limit. The Acceleration Skill highlights the capability of zeroing the idling times associated with gear changes and, in more general terms, to the driving, effectively increasing the car's power. A driver particularly adept at accelerating will have a marked advantage at the starting grid or in re-starts after particularly serious contacts, and will take less time at the exiting bends, for example in getting close to the car in front. The same Skill, when suitably enhanced, also influences the gear changing speed, reducing the engine loss of power during idling times between gears.

  • Only the most expert drivers are able to counterbalance the damages of such a situation, regaining control of the car immediately, countering the most sudden reaction and returning to being competitive in the blink of an eye. If this expertise isn't part of your inborn capabilities, here is the Skill that suits the purpose. The Recovery capability speeds up the reinstatement of the visual feature after a violent impact and reduces the Car Condition lost in an accident. Both these effects, with the growth of this Skill, have an immediate beneficial outcome on your staying power in the most demanding races.

  • A wide experience in professional driving makes it possible to anticipate what takes place on track, through the classical "sixth sense" refined by years of competitions. Naturally, this sixth sense is the Tiger Effect, and the ability that regulates it is this Skill. By suitably honing the skill called Anticipation, you well reduce the recharging times (the entire process will be speeded up) and you will increase the available Tiger Effect percentage. Finally, but only through a progressive growth towards the higher enhancing levels, you will notice that the visual disturbance during utilisation will disappear.

  • Attention in driving is a ability common to many drivers, but only some are able to transform it into a real advantage that affords personal benefits as well allowing the attainment of rewarding results at the end of the race. The Skill called Focus increases the capability of the driver in keeping his concentration high even at times when the physical and emotional charge is at maximum intensity, as in accidents or in intimidation attempts attempted by a direct opponent. Improving this ability, by investing the specific points earned with the increase in level, one will be able to reduce the damages suffered by the car in contacts, thus losing less Driver Condition points during the course of KO attempts.

  • Physical endurance is an important facet for any driver, and it is necessary for overcoming the worst adversities that one can be faced with on-track. This Skill comes to the aid of "weaker" drivers giving them greater strength and power to overcome direct challenges (intimidations) by opponents and to immediately recover the Driver Condition. The Endurance Skill in fact reduces the recharge time for the Driver Condition points, speeding up the recovery of the maximum driving capabilities after a KO, forcing complications to the driving of those intending to consistently push you to commit errors. In fact, this Skill simulates the driver's physical and mental strength together with the ability to maintain his characteristic qualities at a high level in all stages of the race.

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