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Space Invaders is back from the days of arcade action and is now has been spiced up with new improved graphics, cut-scenes, and various new weapons to kick more alien butt.


  • 9 different versions of the cult classic Space Invaders.
  • All-new 3D mode and Versus mode to challenge and excite.
  • Enter Taito's virtual arcade to bring back those memories.
  • Exclusive concept artwork and lots more from the original Space Invaders!

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Jun 24, 09 7:10pm
Awsome game! SpaceInvaders PC
gerard way owns you
Jan 31, 09 9:05am
AMAZING retake on the game. Loved every moment of it. SpaceInvaders PC
Jul 31, 07 1:34pm
brad3 owns Space Invaders
Sep 02, 06 8:05pm
added 3 cheats
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