A great depression rages across the galaxy. Piracy is rampant. Equipped with your life savings, you depart for an uncolonized planet in deep space, with the hopes of a fresh start and an honest living. Inspired by the 1980's classic, M.U.L.E., Space HoRSE is a multiplayer strategy game where as one of several species, you participate in 45+ random events to come out on top a goofy price war.

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Can't get any better than network M.U.L.E.

Shrapnel Games announces today that the latest game from Gilligames, Space HoRSE, has been delayed to accomodate for... posted May 17, 02 7:09pm

Shrapnel Games announced a partnership with Gilligames to publish the developer's newest strategy game, Space... posted Apr 09, 02 6:03pm

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