Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails, Knuckles and a group of new characters return in a new racing game. Dr Robotnik has challenged racers from across the world to compete in his Worldwide Grand Prix, the prize being a Chaos Emerald. Sonic and his friends must compete get the Chaos Emerald before anyone else does.


  • Extreme, trick-laden racing action: Burn up wide-open courses on airboards, battling computer or human opponents and pulling amazing tricks for bonuses.
  • Revolutionary slipstreaming gameplay: Opponents generate half-pipe-like turbulence on the course - use it to your advantage!
  • A cast of familiar characters are joined by a gang of new faces: All have their own unique skills. Reveal new characters in the giant story mode!
  • Up to four players in multiplayer splitscreen.
  • Multiple visually stunning locations from across the Sonic universe.
Sep 01, 14 9:09am
added 30 new concept art
Overdrive and 4 others played Sonic Riders
Mar 29, 12 2:22pm
this is by far, one of the most awesome sonic games I've ever played. SonicRiders PC
nasty nappa
Jan 22, 12 4:36pm
a great sonic game but very hard to play SonicRiders PC
Peter and 10 others own Sonic Riders
Apr 16, 11 9:02am
Good raceing game with many characters to chose from SonicRiders PC
Soquid Snake
Feb 18, 11 1:49pm
"What's going on?" You'll be saying this a lot while playing this game. It's bad. 3/10. SonicRiders PC
Aug 09, 10 4:53pm
6.5/10 SonicRiders Xbox
Jan 02, 10 6:25pm
9.1/10 SonicRiders Xbox
Dec 04, 09 1:54pm
I'm actually pretty good at this. SonicRiders Xbox
Nov 29, 09 7:43am
Finally beat mission mode! SonicRiders Xbox
Nov 03, 09 1:02pm
its a good game ^^ SonicRiders Xbox
Sep 30, 09 12:55am
Awesome game with easy controls and good race tracks. I pwn. c:< SonicRiders Xbox
Jul 30, 09 1:13pm
It can be really exciting. SonicRiders Xbox
Jul 20, 09 3:39pm
i pwnd it SonicRiders Xbox
May 20, 09 9:17am
I have it on PS2 but my memmoy card lost all data SonicRiders Xbox
Mar 18, 09 1:30am
its ok SonicRiders Xbox
Mar 16, 09 4:44am
awsome SonicRiders Xbox
Mar 08, 09 6:05pm
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