How fast can you go? If you love to cut loose through twisting, whipping, upside-down flipping loop-de-loops, you'll love Sonic R! You'll steer Sonic's usual crew through the 3D circuits with 360-degree character control. Sonic R is the fastest hedgehog in a twisting, turning, upside-down corkscrewing race. Other racers, hidden track smokers, and five blistering circuits pose great challenges.


  • Grand Prix Mode - Prove yourself the fastest in the world by winning a series of Grand Prix for the ultimate prize
  • Time Attack Mode - Don't just race against time but maximise your points by popping the balloons
  • Weather Condition System - Changing weather conditions affect the way you race

Hardware Requirements

<li type="square"> 133 MHz Pentium processor minimum
<li type="square"> Windows 95
<li type="square"> 16 MB RAM
<li type="square"> 2x CD-ROM
<li type="square"> 256-color SVGA (game also supports DirectDraw, Direct3D, and Force Feedback)
<li type="square"> Sound Blaster 16 or compatible soundcard
<li type="square"> Windows-compatible steering wheel and pedals, joystick, and game pad
<li type="square"> IPX, TCP/IP, modem, or serial link (for multiplayer games)
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