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A vicious crime war has erupted on the streets of a dark and dangerous city, and a hitman known as the Sniper is caught in the middle. Framed, drugged, and imprisoned, you must kill your way through the ranks of lowly street thugs and lords of the underworld to find the source of this war, and end your Path of Vengeance. Engage in first-person shooter action with Lithtech Jupiter Engine, and use a host of weapons to wreak your vengeance with.


  • First Person Action using the powerful Lithtech Jupiter Engine
  • A host of weapons to wreak your vengeance with;
  • Sniper Rifles, Sigs, Hand Grenades and more
  • Blood-drenched combat with over 25 levels
  • Unique Character Building elements to create the perfect Killer
  • Wage war against the Mob, Chinese Crime Bosses and others

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Apr 11, 04 1:05am

Love the game, as good as Delta force 2, would be great as a multiplayer.
Please don't...

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