You are in a dark, deep forest at night surrounded by trees with a few run down structures lying around the place, a very weak flashlight, and the sounds of your own breathing and footsteps. You are given the task of finding all eight pages, which could be pinned to anything, whilst avoiding him.

Game Play

You will be tasked with finding all eight pages whilst also avoiding the slender man, based upon common legend of a tall, thin man in a tuxedo who abducts children. He may appear anywhere from off in the distance in front of you to right behind you. NEVER LOOK BACK and you may avoid some frightful encounters with him. Don't stop or he'll catch up, don't always keep your flashlight on or it'll drain of batteries, don't run too often or you'll be left with little stamina for future scares, and just try to find those pages fast. He will not show up until you have found the first page.


Okay graphics with lost of trees, fog, darkness, and a realistic dim flashlight, along with a shockingly scary ending if he should catch you...

Hardware Info

Available as a free, non-profit download for both Mac and Windows, new versions still in the making.
Copyrighted 2012 by Mark J. Hadley and Parsec Productions. Powered by Unity.
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In case you like a good scare for the holidays, Blue Isle Studios, working with Slender's original developer... posted Dec 24, 12 12:51pm

This game sounds really scary o_o I've watched PewDiePie play it and he was really scared. Slender PC
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Game is scary play it crap pants be happy goto sleep Slender PC
Note from profile creator: This game is a free download. Slender Mac
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