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Skulls of the Shogun is an eccentric turn-based tactical game featuring undead Japanese warriors vying for control over the land of the dead. The title was originally released as an Xbox and Windows 8-exclusive, but was eventually released across a variety of platforms. The game is still notably absent from the Xbox One.

The story revolves around the death of a Japanese general in the era of feudal Japan. General Akamoto was betrayed by an unknown enemy, literally stabbed in the back, only to wake up in the afterlife. Rather than waiting the centuries required to be "judged," Akamoto forms an army to enter the afterlife by force. From there, Akamoto will once again have to prove he is worthy of the title of Shogun to both Gods and man (dead or alive).

Action in Skull of the Shogun revolves around moving different types of units to various points of the map, where new units might then be spawn should the player have enough resources. Of course, the real action comes in the form of combat. The player and the AI will take turns each round moving their units and attacking. Each unit has a certain amount of HP, so while there's a bit of rock/scissors paper with archers, mounted units and infantry, the real goal is in flanking and overwhelming other units.

Skull of the Shogun is known for its challenging, strategic gameplay and its humorous personality.

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