Sins of a Solar Empire Own / Want List

Username Comments
MasterCheat None
ShadowJ None
Shadow of Death Blah, like Demigod, I didn't like it much.
ACY3 After several runs at the demo, I was finally convinced to buy the game ('Trinity' version). Now to play it.
Exonerate None
Ijiero None
teh_swordmaster None
kumozero None
samuraisushimonster None
Hellfire29 None
RabidChinaGirl None
aliksteel None
MrDeltoid None
REZBIT Great stratagy game, i love the Galaxy Forge.
O Mega None
Victoria None
BaronAxis2009 Well, it's ALMOST mine. I'm getting it for christmas.
stef77500 None
corrosive3 None
StormBird None
Hakazu None
Neoz4x None
Navku1325 None
Rockmower None
Slay125 None
iphigenie None
ComputerEd None

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