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Sins of a Dark Age is a ‘Hero and Commander Strategy’ Game. In short, you will join an online team consisting of one Commander and a small group of Heroes who work together to accomplish a specific scenario goal. Your team will go head-to-head against an enemy team in a short, fast-paced multiplayer match or you’ll work cooperatively against the AI in custom scenarios. You can earn rewards for yourself and your clan, climb the ranks, and watch and share your most glorious replays online. You’ll be able to choose from an ever-growing pool of heroes, commanders and factions each of which supports unique capabilities.

Choose the Hero role and you’ll face the enemy on the front lines as the most inspiring and powerful member of a mighty army. Your success in battle will be well rewarded with experience, unique abilities, and game changing items that will make you an ever greater symbol of power on the battlefield and a critical rallying point for your commander’s army.

Choose the Commander role to devise the master plan for your empire: you’ll oversee your grand army in an epic battle against your most voracious enemies. As Commander, you’re responsible for building your base, directing your peons and carefully positioning your defenses. It’s up to you to properly train your units and use them to support your team’s Heroes in calculated assaults on enemy positions and to capture key resources. The Commander role allows you to call upon larger-than-life ‘Realm Powers’ to turn the tide of battle.

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===Official URL=== http://www.sinsofadarkage.com/
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