Singles: Flirt Up Your Life Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 6.0/10

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Singles: Flirt Up Your Life Reviews

website score publish date
Game Chronicles Magazine 7.1/10 Jun 24 '04
GameDaily 4/10 Jun 11 '04
Actiontrip 69/100 Jun 01 '04
Gamer's Hell 7/10 Apr 13 '04
Gamers Depot 1/5 May 28 '04
Gamers Europe 7/10 Apr 13 '04
Gamers Extreme 83/100 Apr 05 '04
Gamespot 6.2/10 May 26 '04
Gamespy 2/5 Jun 07 '04
IGN PC 7.0/10 May 26 '04 6/10 Apr 14 '04
Thunderbolt 7/10 Apr 14 '04
Total Games 30/100 May 19 '04
Total Videogames 8/10 Mar 30 '04
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Actiontrip on Jun 02 '04

"Singles is played very much like The Sims only the focus of game play is not on getting more stuff, but on getting it on with your roommate."

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Gamer's Hell on May 27 '04

"If you like the idea of building up relationships between sim type characters, and don’t have too high expectations, its addictiveness and impressive graphics engine could be a good enough reason..."

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Gamespot on May 27 '04

"It doesn't succeed at portraying or simulating an intimate relationship between two characters, which is what it genuinely seems to be trying to do."

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IGN PC on May 27 '04

"The main problem with the game is that it's not ambitious enough, relying on the sex angle to generate initial interest without supporting that with over the long term with compelling gameplay."

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Thunderbolt on May 28 '04

"Starting up Singles, you have the choice of a tutorial, a normal game and a free 'start from scratch' game. All revolve around the basic principle of taking a couple - man and woman, woman and..."

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